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Mint Gloss

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Outstanding gloss. Durable finish. Slip resistant. Pleasant fragrance. Non-yellowing.

application Minit Gloss is a concentrated clean and buff floor polish, suitable for use with high speed buffing machines, alternatively it can be mopped on and will dry to a high gloss finish. ‘Minit Gloss’ has outstanding performance and can be used on all types of thermoplastic and synthetic floor coverings. Minit Gloss can also be used as a floor polish.

directions Clean and Buff: Dilute 1:10 for spray application. For best results the machine should be of medium speed. Mop and Machine Buff: Dilute 1:10 Maintaining Floor Polish by Mopping: Dilute 1:50 General Floor Cleaning using Damp Mopping: Dilute 1:100 N.B. Minit Gloss is unsuitable for use on unsealed wood, unsealed cork or laminated flooring.


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